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Freely Spread Everlasting Blessings!

Rick Stewart, C.S., Dresden, Germany

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[Freely Spread Everlasting Blessings!]
Knowing that your Daddy will catch you if you fall!!
Metaphysical Application Ideas from CedarS Camps
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for October 28, 2012 on
"Everlasting Punishment" [or Everlasting Blessings.
Your choice: Trick? Or Treatment!]
by Rick Stewart, CS 
of Dresden, Germany (Tel.+49-351 312-4736)
This Bible Lesson is not about how God is going to punish some of us for eternity. This Lesson is designed to help us understand more of God's saving and eternal Love.  
Does God select some to be saved and others to be condemned to suffer in eternity?
Many Christian denominations have historically taught that doctrine and expected their new members to subscribe to that belief. As a girl of 12, Mary Baker Eddy, then Mary Baker, had to answer that question if she wanted to be a member of her local Congregational Church.
She writes:     "At the age of twelve I was admitted to the Congregational (Trinitarian) Church... Before this step was taken, the doctrine of unconditional election, or predestination, greatly troubled me... So perturbed was I by the thoughts aroused by this erroneous doctrine, that the family doctor was summoned, and pronounced me stricken with fever.  My father's relentless theology emphasized belief in a final judgment-day, in the danger of endless punishment, and in a Jehovah merciless towards unbelievers; and of these things he now spoke, hoping to win me from dreaded heresy.  My mother, as she bathed my burning temples, bade me lean on God's love.  [Doing so, Mary was comforted and healed.]
(When questioned by the pastor)...I stoutly maintained that I was willing to trust God and take my chance of spiritual safety with my brothers and sisters not one of whom had then made any profession of religion even if my creedal doubts left me outside the doors (of church)... To the astonishment of many, the good clergyman's heart also melted, and he received me into their communion, and my protest along with me" (Retrospection and Introspection, by Mary Baker Eddy pp. 13-15).
In recent days I have also been thinking about this doctrine, but in a little different way. You might remember from my CedarS MET for last month that our little Martha was just beginning to walk. In that month's time she has become pretty steady and loves to walk all over the house and outside as well. Just last Sunday she took one of her longest hikes, about 500 meters. My wife Susanne, and our dog, Theo, joined her. She was very proud of herself. 
As she has been learning to walk, one of my favorite pastimes has been following along ready to give her a hand if she needs steadying and also to pick her up if she falls. And there have been lots and lots of falls. But they were not the end of the world, usually that is. And she has gained a little each day in her confidence, strength, endurance, and steadiness. There is still a long ways to go before her first marathon, but already she prefers to walk on her own rather than be carried.
And this is the context in which I have found myself thinking about this Bible Lesson. I have been prompted to think about my falls, my failings, my tumbles, and my missteps. And I have been reminded of the countless times that "my Father" has come to my aid. Just like little Martha, I have a long way to go in my "walk," but I loved seeing how the loving hand of the Father is actually always there to save and lift me up. And to me that is what this wonderful Bible lesson is all about, God's promise, "I will catch you if you fall."
Here are just a few brief insights that might make your study of this week's Bible Lesson an encouragement instead of a fear tactic.
Golden Text:
Hosea 14:2   "...turn to the Lord: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously."
This Golden Text is from the Prophet Hosea. He was considered one of the minor Jewish prophets. He lived probably in the 8th Century, B.C. He lived in what was known as the "Northern Kingdom" of Israel. And his writing was at a time toward the end of this kingdom. Hosea was really worried that his people were not remaining true to God, but were being enticed by the local religion, Baal worship. This Baal worship included religiously-based immorality, worshipping of golden calves, other idols, and even child sacrifice.
 Responsive Reading:
The Responsive Reading is from Isaiah and once again from Hosea. Both Prophets encourage a turning from sin to faithful following. Isaiah, "though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." Hosea, "...I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me. I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely:... for the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them."
The "Ephraim" that Hosea refers to is his actual nation. The Northern Kingdom of Israel was made up of tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph.  "When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted himself in Israel;... Ephraim shall say, What have I to do any more with idols?" 
So we are introduced to the lesson with a call to turn from sin and receive the blessing of the Lord.
Section 1 - Man is the beloved child of God, pure and perfect.
This section firmly establishes the fact that God makes us good. In citation B-2 [and echoed in citation S-2], Habakkuk states: "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil and canst not look on iniquity." [Mrs. Eddy builds her healing theology on this all-good God:] "God could never impart an element of evil, and man possesses nothing which he has not derived from God. How then has man a basis for wrong-doing?" (S-3)
Remember the conversation Jesus had with some people about the nature of God and his relationship to man,  Matthew 7: 9-11, "Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?"
We remember God's nature as a better Father or Mother than we are; and we expect very consistent parenting. Sometimes I really messed up as a kid, but did my folks condemn me to eternal punishment? Nope, not eternal, there was punishment, but usually well-deserved and definitely it did not last forever. My parents were just great, but God is an even better, more consistent, more loving Parent.
Little Martha continues to walk and sometimes fall down, is that a reason for me to get angry? Encouragement, comfort, and love go a lot further in developing a patient and steady walk through life. 
The Bible citations in this section conclude with what Mrs. Eddy chose to close our Sunday Church Services with: (B-5) I John 3:1-3. I love this translation of these verses from the "God's Word" translation: "Consider this: The Father has given us his love. He loves us so much that we are actually called God's dear children.  And that's what we are. For this reason the world doesn't recognize us, and it didn't recognize him either. Dear friends, now we are God's children.  What we will be isn't completely clear yet.  We do know that when Christ appears we will be like him because we will see him as he is. So all people who have this confidence in Christ keep themselves pure, as Christ is pure."
Section 2 - Jonah does not accept God's job offer, ooops?
Is it easy to do the things you are asked to do? Nope.  Is it always easy to do the right thing? Nope.  All of us usually have something else we would rather do. "I thought the job offer was a supervisory position! I didn't know I would have to scrub toilets!" (When one of my high school buddies and I got the jobs as # 1 and #2 lifeguards at our local swimming pool, we were a little surprised when we found out that at the end of every day we had to clean both the boys and girls bathrooms! But even with that responsibility we loved our jobs.) And later when that job grew into Swimming Pools manager for the City of Ocala, it enabled me to rent my first office for the Christian Science healing practice!!
Citation B-6 tells how Jonah resisted in simply following God's instruction to go and preach in Nineveh. Instead he tried to run [the opposite direction] from the job. Jonah's prejudice against the city may have started him on his path of avoidance. After all, the city had a pretty bad reputation. But because of fear, doubt, whatever self-centered motive, Jonah chose to run away from God‘s call. He could have simply obeyed and had a nice trip and good speaking tour. But instead he got an "inside cabin." But I absolutely love the fact that even though he avoided immediate obedience, Jonah was saved. Below is a link to a testimony that shows that God has not in any way reduced his saving power when it comes to taking care of His kids.
The following experience was shared with me by a fellow Christian Science practitioner, several years ago.  The mother that related the story prefers to remain anonymous.  There were news and press reports at the time, so it did occur and was noted.  It is not one of those web items that is fictional.  This did occur.  I called and confirmed its validity with the individual that sent it to me. She knew the mother in the story!!

I have added some explanatory comments in my blog for those unfamiliar with this part of the world.
Saved at Sea, in the Gulf of Mexico, [a Jonah-like, 20th century confirmation of A, B, C:]
[A] "If a man were drowning in mid ocean with apparently no human help at hand, there is a law of God which when rightly appealed to, would bring about his rescue." Adam H. Dickey, "God's Law of Adjustment"

[B] "Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal".  Mary Baker Eddy, Science & Health with Key To the Scriptures

[C] "If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold me." Psalms 139
A young man was travelling with his boat in the Gulf of Mexico on his way to meet friends for lunch. He had not let them know he was coming. When his boat broke down he went overboard to check out the damage. While he was in the water the anchor rope slipped off and the boat floated away faster than he could swim. He was truly lost at sea, but when you read of his rescue you will see that the above quotations [A, B, C] remain true today. (And it even includes some of God's sea creatures!!)
Read the entire account of this young man's rescue:
If you are reading this printed out and do not have internet connection, just give me a call and I can send it to you or read it to you!
Section 3 - Deliverance without consequence, Jonah's saga continues
Jonah is taken care of, he is preserved, and his opportunity to follow God's commands is renewed. As Jonah learned, "Salvation is of the Lord." (B-10)
Just goes to show God is ever-ready to save, bless and love His little ones, no matter what mistakes we have seemed to make. There is no condemnation, just Love. And you can never know how important even the littlest assignment or act of obedience can be. Just following your inspiration can give light or hope to another. For example:
Citation S-17"The purpose and motive to live aright can be gained now. This point won, you have started as you should" (Science and Health, page 326) has given me strength time and time again. It was first drawn to my attention when I was reading the Science and Health of a good friend, Cathy Manyik Kresge. She had highlighted it in her textbook. It always spoke to me of simply starting to do the right thing. And we then can be assured we will succeed with God's help. 
The testimony in the link illustrates that saving power of divine Love, even when we seemed to have made terrible mistakes [even inside the belly of a steel "whale"]. You can find it at JSH Online through the following link:
[Or you can haven't yet started to reap the great blessings of JSH Online, you can find] Roland H. Allen's testimony in a Bound Volume from the June 2, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel [or on an old Reading Room recording with "God's Law of Adjustment"]
Section 4 - Jonah discovers a receptive audience
After a rather roundabout trip to the lecture, Jonah finds a very receptive audience in Nineveh. They take to heart Jonah's observations and his mission brings great fruit.
Some years ago I received a call to lecture in Ft. Worth, Texas. It was at a time of long lecture tours. I was already scheduled to be up in Illinois and Minnesota. The clerk in Ft. Worth asked if I was free for a certain Sunday afternoon. I told her yes, but I would be in Illinois. I thought she would say, oh well that is quite a distance, perhaps another date. But instead she insisted on that date. My first reaction was, "What willfulness!!" We were having a family Bar B Q at the time of the call. When I hung up I rejoined the family and murmured to my mom about the telephone call. When I said, "I have never encountered such [human] will before," my mom simply asked, "And are you free that date?" "Well, yes I am." "Okay, where is the willfulness?" Being properly and wisely admonished I went back and called the clerk requesting the lecture. I let her know I would check and see if I could make plane connections for her date. And guess what, there was a late night flight on Saturday evening. I could make their date, leave my van at the airport, and come back on Monday morning. 
It is interesting that this lecture prompted lots and lots of prayer from my side. There were great obstacles and resistance that had to be met prayerfully. My lecture was entitled, "Home: God-Provided, God-Maintained," and it handled the belief of homelessness. When I arrived for the lecture I found that the lecture chairman had collected newspapers for several days before the lecture as I had requested. The front page of the newspaper for the day of the lecture told the story of a mother who had taken her small children to the Police Station. She was hopeless and had no prospects for being able to continue to provide a home for them. So we opened the lecture with this article. And together we all considered how we can pray to heal this problem of homelessness for ourselves and for the world.
As I said the preparations for this lecture had been rather rocky and had required lots of prayer on my part. Also lots of humility and spiritual growth. The day after the lecture I flew back up north and continued on my lecture tour. Suddenly I realized that I had not been paid. When I called the lecture chairman, she told me, "Oh but Mr. Stewart, remember I told you there was something "in there for you" with the fruit basket and the newspapers!" Oooops, I had not gotten the message. At first I thought I may have thrown the envelope out with the newspapers. I went into my suitcase, looked through the newspaper clippings, and sure enough there was the envelope. I called the lecture chairman with the good news. She was overjoyed to hear from me, "Mr. Stewart, I have the most wonderful news. The morning paper had the following story. That mother came back to the Police Station to reclaim her children and had said she would just do whatever it took to keep her family together. And lots of people have come forward to help her out. It is just so wonderful." Obviously I hung up the phone rebuked, humbled, and with tears of gratitude. Just like Jonah I had found a receptive audience, a spiritually responsive audience, and Love had indeed been the Savior. But I did have to get a lot of "self" out of the way, and thanks to my mom that had begun that summer day nine months before the lecture.
Section 5 - No everlasting punishment from "materialistic codes" [Trick? Or Treatment!]
"Who did sin, this man or his parents that he was born blind?" (B-17) John 9: 1-7, 32
In Jesus' day there was an automatic reaction that illness, handicaps, and physical disorders were often a punishment for sin. In these times physical scientists are certain that DNA and hereditary causes are the foundation for disease. But what says the Christ? "Neither hath this man sinned or his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him." [Bible Scholar, Cobbey Crisler said that this was like Jesus responding "None of the above" to the either-or choice of who did sin. Another appropriate reply would be: "Does Not Apply!" Just so, the heredity of D.N.A. Does Not Apply to you; nor can it shackle your freedom-centered life with fear. The appearance of sinning mortal man is the "Trick" that would deceive us, and not just during Halloween season.  The Treat is the Christian Science Treatment that reverses all tricks.  As Citation S-23 states it:] "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy." And citation S-27 continues the treatment:  "The law of Christ or Truth, makes all things possible to Spirit, but the so-called laws of matter, would render Spirit of no avail and demand obedience to materialistic codes, thus departing from the basis of one God, one lawmaker."
The consistency and the simplicity of Mary Baker Eddy's faith in the First Commandment were demonstrated time and again in her healing work. Wonderful examples can be found in the biography, Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Healer. Here are links to purchase the audio or print version of this inspiring book. Or you can always visit your local Christian Science Reading Room to obtain a copy for purchase or possibly for loan.
Section 6 - God's man is sinless, perfect and blessed eternally.
A Bible-based Christian Science treatment of perfect God & perfect man continues as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. "I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; With the merciful thou wilt shew thyself merciful; with an upright man thou wilt shew thyself upright; With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect." (B-19) | Psalms18:1, 2, 25- 26, 32
2. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (B-20) |Matt.5:48
3.  "The perfect man - governed by God, his perfect Principle - is sinless and eternal." (S-30) | 304:14
As The Message translation of Matthew 7 puts it in such a loving way, "If your child asks for bread, do you trick him with sawdust? If he asks for fish, do you scare him with a live snake on his plate? As bad as you are, you wouldn't think of such a thing. You're at least decent to your own children. So don't you think the God who conceived you in love will be even better?"
Our Father does love to make our way perfect, just like I love to make Martha's way a little easier. And that is not a way of everlasting punishment but everlasting Love, revealing our nature as the beloved and perfect child of God's creating. 
As Hymn 278 from our Hymnal tells us
"Pilgrim on earth, home and heaven are within thee,
Heir of the ages and child of the day.
Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected,
Walk thou with courage each step of the way."

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[More websites of interest found by Rick relating to the Jonah story, ocean rescues...]
Phillipine man saved by dolphins and whales.
surfer saved by dolphin pod from great white shark attack.
Hardy Jones the dolphin defender.
 Testimony by  Roland H. Allen

I originally heard this testimony at the end of an Audio Recording of the article, God’s Law of Adjustment by Adam H. Dickey.    It was always a favorite.  With the new resource of the Christian Science Publishing Society, called:  Journal, Sentinel, Herald Online or JSHOnline you can find this testimony and thousands and thousands more.  With an affordable subscription you can access all articles, poems, and testimonies published in the Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, or Herold.  What a incredible resource.

On December 12, 1943, the first...
By Roland H. Allen
From the June 2, 1945 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
"On December 12, 1943, the first really cold day of the winter, I was working at my wartime job as a shipfitter at New England's largest shipyard. For several days I had been installing "swash lids" on the fuel tanks of a large combat vessel. The fuel tanks of warships are scattered along the bottom of the hull, occupying space not utilized for other purposes, and separated from one another by bulkheads which are watertight and fireproof.

The most difficult and tiring part of my work resulted from this method of placement, as it necessitated much crawling through cramped areas and numberless small openings known as "escape holes." I had to pull an electric welding line over one hundred feet long to the many compartments where lids were required, to carry a welder's shield, an extension electric light cord, and a tool bag.

On this particular day I thought I was going to finish the assignment by installing the last of thirty-nine lids, only to find when checking my work list that somewhere I had missed one tank. This was very discouraging, for, numb with cold from lying on the frigid steel, I was anxious to get through and do some other work that would allow me to stand up and move about.

I was tempted to leave the one lid undone and let someone else do it when it was found incomplete. However, it was my habit to complete my assignments before asking for another job. So I explored the whole ship's bottom and found that the tank I had missed was the one I should have done first, situated way up forward near the bow of the vessel.

I started installing the lid, which necessitated my getting inside the tank through the "escape hole," an opening of fifteen by twenty-three inches, because the "swash lids" open downward into the tanks.
I had to weld the hinge on which the lid swung to the interior of the tank and to the lid. In order to locate the hinge correctly and to allow the lid to swing freely when opening and closing I had been instructed always to bolt the lid in place with the thirty-six bolts required to hold it and then weld on the hinge.
I tried to put the first bolt in place while holding the lid on top of my head with one hand, but I was so numb with cold, and so tired from crawling so far with my equipment, that I could not accomplish this simple act until the eighth attempt. Finally, the threads of the first bolt caught and I soon had enough bolts to hold the lid in place. Then when I looked for my wrench to tighten the bolts, I discovered that somewhere along the way I had dropped it. I was faced with the choice of taking the lid down and crawling back through the inner-bottom of the ship until I found my wrench or going ahead with the work by tightening the bolts as much as I could with my fingers and welding the hinge on. I decided on the latter course.

When the welding was finished and I was ready to leave, satisfied the work was properly done, I found that the bolts I had put on with my fingers would not come out. The welding had caused a distortion of the steel which had added a strain somewhere and I was a prisoner by my own hand.

Instantly sensing the seriousness of my position, I realized I had to demonstrate for myself the truths I had so often professed. Many aggressive mental suggestions came to my consciousness. I met each one with its counterfact. The first scientific thought that came to me was the subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be read in all Christian Science churches the next day, "God the Preserver of Man."

I never let go of that one fact and I worked as I had been taught. When Satan whispered, "You're alone and no help will come," I knew that God was infinite, ever present, and that therefore I was not alone. Again the whisper came: "It's four degrees above zero and it's now Saturday noon. If you don't get out by three o'clock you will be here until seven o'clock Monday morning. Do you think you'll survive?" Then the truth came to my consciousness: "God is your Life; you cannot die."

A fierce mental battle was fought in my consciousness, inside that cold tank. It was not ended easily or very rapidly. Aggressive mental suggestions sought to gain control over me by fear. But, thank God, I knew the counterfacts of every lie.

All the while I was striving to twist the bolts out with my fingers, working at one then another to find one I could move. Picking up my electric light to examine the bolts I saw threads of flesh clinging to the heads of the bolts. Looking at my fingers, I saw the torn flesh. I had felt no pain. My fear of imprisonment was greater than my sense of pain and overshadowed it.

The devil prompted me to scream, to pound on the steel, to seek another opening, to use my welding rod to burn the bolts off. But I knew that no one could hear. Rivet guns were roaring down aft somewhere on the hull. I started to crawl into the other compartment of the tank, but my fear of leaving the comfort of my electric light, and the knowledge that there was no other escape hole, put an end to that temptation. Wisdom told me: "You have never tried burning a bolt away. It has been done, but you don't know how. If you fail to burn it through and add weld to the bolt you'll be welded in."

I was still striving to twist the bolts out. It finally came to me that I must stop my human efforts and trust wholly in God. It required an actual physical effort to take my hands away from the bolts. But I finally put them down in my lap, and then I spoke to God. I said, "God, I'm listening." The change was wonderful. A message from an article written by Adam H. Dickey entitled, "God's Law of Adjustment," came to me. The statement was, "If a man were drowning in mid-ocean with apparently no human help at hand, there is a law of God which, when rightly appealed to, would bring about his rescue."

With this thought came absolute calmness, a sense of peace, a certainty of God's nearness, a positive assurance of deliverance. I waited and heard the direction, "Take out the pin in the hinge." Even as I moved to obey, the dark angel said: "What good will that do? The bolts hold the lid, not the hinge." But there was no contest. I knew the voice that I would follow.

I removed the pin from the hinge, dropped my hands into my lap, and waited. Again the voice came: "Take out the bolt at the left." My fingers grasped the bolt at the left and strained to twist it. It moved. I took a new hold, putting my whole effort into keeping it turning until it came free. I continued removing one bolt after another until only one remained that I could not move.

Again I dropped my hands to my lap and waited. The words of a much loved hymn can best describe the amazement I felt as I say my deliverance working out step by step,
"I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou
Shouldst lead me on;
I loved to choose and see my path; but now
Lead Thou me on."

The angel voice said, "Pull down on the lid." The lid bent as I pulled with all my strength so the hole was partly open. The impulse came to try to wedge my way through. But the right thought came in time: "Don't try that; you will get caught part way and be unable to go ahead or back. Pull down again." This time there was more than the strength of muscles. The threads were stripped from the bolt and the lid crashed into my lap. I was free! Looking out into the dark inner bottom of the ship, I saw my welding line and extension electric light cord winding back the way I must go to get to the "escape trunk" and then up to the deck of the ship. I had felt the need to see that the way was unobstructed.

Then I sat back in the tank and silently praised God, rejoicing that Christian Science had given such power to men. I reviewed my many blessings and counted not least among them the class instruction I had received. My gratitude to Mrs. Eddy was profound and beyond words.

I installed the lid properly on the hinge and left the ship. When I arrived home my wife met me and said, "I have been working all day for you to come home safely." She had felt my need, and supplied it by right knowing and persistent declarations of the truth about man. I was so overcome with gratitude that it was hours before I could speak of what had occurred.

No other experience has given me the sense of nearness to God that I gained from this one. I felt His presence and followed His angels' voices. I believe I have learned to recognize divine guidance.—Roland H. Allen, West Newton, Massachusetts."

Saved at sea in the Gulf of Mexico

In respect of a request from the mother in this testimony that it not be shared further I have deleted it from my blog.  If you would like further information please feel free to contact me directly, Rick Stewart

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Hola, Rick Stewart aquí. Me alegro de que se detuvo por el. Como un científico cristiano de toda la vida me complace informar de que el mensaje de salvación del Evangelio no ha perdido nada de su poder. Que maravilloso mensaje de la humanidad el amor de Dios que abarca está vivo y bien. El ejemplo de Jesús y sus enseñanzas siguen siendo una fuente inagotable de inspiración, consuelo y sanación a todos los buscadores sinceros de la verdad. En 1977 abrí mi consultorio por primera vez como un practicante de la Ciencia Cristiana en mi ciudad natal, Ocala, Florida. En la década de 1980 di una conferencia en América del Norte y América del Sur en Inglés, español y portugués, en nombre de La Primera Iglesia de Cristo, Científico, en Boston, Massachusetts. En la década de 1990 he vivido y practicado en Palatka, Florida. Y en 1999, mi esposa Susanne y yo nos mudamos a su ciudad natal de Dresde, Alemania, para criar a nuestra familia. Sigo activo en la iglesia de la Ciencia cristiana local aquí en Dresde, donde Christian Science fue introducido por primera vez en Alemania en 1903. Mi tiempo completo Práctica de la Ciencia Cristiana se complementa con una vida maravillosamente todos los días con nuestros tres hijos y un perro maravilloso.
Rejoice in the "Empowe(her)ment" of Christ, WOW!
Rick Stewart, C.S., Dresden, Germany

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Rejoice in the "Empowe(her)ment" of Christ, WOW!
Metaphysical Application Ideas from the Cedars Camps:
for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on "Christ Jesus" for February 20 -- 26, 2012
by Rick Stewart C.S., of Dresden, Germany, (Telephone 49-351-312-4736,

[These application ideas from a past CedarS Camps' Resident Christian Science Practitioner are provided primarily to help CedarS campers and staff (as well as friends) see and demonstrate the great value of study and application of the Christian Science Bible lessons daily throughout the year, not just at camp! You can sign up to have them emailed to you free -- by Monday each week in English; or by each Wednesday you can get a FREE TRANSLATION: in French, thanks to Pascal & Marie-Helene; in German, thanks to Helga and Manfred; or in Spanish, thanks to a team of Ana, Erick, Claudia and Patricio. YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP for weekly emails from past CedarS staff of fun approaches & possible ways to teach lesson ideas to older and to younger Sunday School classes at Enjoy! Warren Huff, CedarS Director & editor of these notes.]

WOW !!!! Women on Watch, maintaining our Master's church.
If any of you know our beloved and much appreciated newsletter editor, Warren Huff, Executive Director, of CedarS, you know how much he loves acronyms. (A word formed from the initial letters of other words.) Warren always has a wonderful list of acronyms that just make an idea stick in your thought. So in thinking about this Lesson, I thought of what I hope is a very accurate acronym, "WOW, Women on Watch." What fun to explore this week the life of our Master, Christ Jesus, from the perspective of a key element of Church, the contribution of the women that were looking for a Redeemer, a Saviour, and found one in the life of Christ Jesus.
Daughters of the Church, where would we be without them? For thousands of years they have been a source of practical, practiced religious education and inspiration. How many of us could testify to mothers and grandmothers that have taught us, encouraged us, and demonstrated to us the importance of learning about and loving God? I think of how my mom, my mother-in-law, my grand-mother-in-law, my aunts, my Sunday School teachers, my Christian Science teacher, and many other women have inspired me to know my Saviour better.

One of my favorite, "Gramma and church" stories came from a phone conversation with a fellow named, Tony Roberts. Back in 1986 I heard Tony share his testimony on television. I was so impressed that I called the television studio and asked for his number. I gave him a call. Tony told me of a dark time in his life. He had been a member of the Black Panther party, a radical Black activist group in the 1960's. He had been involved in drugs and violent crime. And he had hijacked a plane to Cuba. He was arrested and held in terrible conditions. He would work long hours in the sugar cane fields and then return to a horrible prison cell. He had no hope of ever being released. Then one night he found himself remembering his grandmother.

Tony remembered when he was 7 years old and his Gramma took him to church. Tony said he liked the way this memory made him feel. So, each day as he returned to his prison cell. Tony would try to remember everything he could about that time with his grandmother. Suddenly one night he heard a message, " I will not fail thee nor forsake thee."

Some of you might recognize that phrase as coming from the Bible, Joshua 1:5. It is in God's promise to Joshua that God will be with Joshua as He was with Moses. And God affirms, " I will not fail thee nor forsake thee." Now Tony, had never, ever studied the Bible. He had only gone to church with his Gramma. But when Tony heard that voice he liked the way it made him feel. And almost like someone inviting a guest for dinner, every night Tony would think about his Gramma, church, and the promise from that voice.

Suddenly things began to change around Tony. He had been told he would never leave that prison alive. But he was soon transferred to another prison that had much better conditions. Tony had been told he would never be returned to the United States. But he soon found himself on his way to prison in America. It might seem a funny thing to be happy about going to prison, but Tony was. Because the conditions he had in his cell in America were like heaven compared to Cuba. And he also had access to the Library and the Bible. He began to read the Bible. And his life continued to change. When I was talking to Tony in 1986 he was a free man, married, with a family, and active in church.

Hasn't the role of women always been a key to a Church that lives and saves. An honest and unprejudiced examination of Scripture, and specifically the Gospel narratives, makes it clear, without women, the Christian church would not and could not exist. And it most certainly would not exist in its vital, living, practical and practiced form of a Church that lives for a message, the saving, redeeming power of God's Love. When you think about the story of Tony, it might be interesting for you to know that the Hebrew name for Jesus is "Yeshua" or "Yehoshua", and it is identical with Joshua! And the name means to deliver, to rescue, to save.

This week's Bible Lesson is an inspired document establishing the facts of "woman's" place in the mission of the Master. These inspiring women keeping watch and recognizing the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Christ. Let's see what the ladies have to say about the Master. WOW, Enjoy!

Golden Text:
Isaiah 62:11 ...."Say to Daughter Zion, ‘See, your Savior comes!' " (NIV)

According to the theologian, John Wesley,(Founder of Methodism), his Bible Commentary compiled 1754 -1765, identifies the phrase, "Daughter Zion," as referring to what we would call "the Church" and for the Jews, this church was the Temple at Jerusalem.
And also:

Those who wrote Chapter 62 in Isaiah were referring to the rebuilding of the "Temple " in Jerusalem, their church. This chapter and this portion of Isaiah were written by Jews who were released from exile in Babylon around 539 BCE. Cyrus the Great from Persia conquered Babylon. He freed the Jews that were living in Babylon in exile and sent them home with a mandate to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple. With Cyrus' support, over the next 23 years, the work proceeded. "Daughter Zion" had been redeemed and saved. You can read about the rebuilding in Ezra, Chapters 1 - 6. Really interesting! Also there is lots of background information at the following links:
A Biblical History of Jerusalem

In thinking of our Golden Text as the key to our Bible Lessons, it might be interesting here to consider what Mary Baker Eddy has to say about, "Zion." She writes in the glossary of Science and Health, page 598, "ZION. Spiritual foundation and superstructure; inspiration; spiritual strength."

In our Bible Lesson this week we will meet a number of women who according to the Bible found a place in Jesus' life. Each of them in individual ways glimpsed his fulfilling of the role as Saviour, Christ, Messiah. This glimpse gave their faith a foundation, a superstructure that resulted in physical healing, in redemption. And each of them joined in a faithful watch bearing witness to the fact that the Christ had come.

Responsive Reading:
In our Responsive Reading we meet our first female witness to the Christ at a well in the Samaritan town of Sychar. Jesus did not have to walk through Samaria, most honorable Jews would have gone to great lengths to avoid Samaria. The "Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans." It was noon, super hot. Most women would have been drawing water in the cooler time of day. Jesus was there because he knew she was coming. Her life was so messed up that she probably wanted to avoid contact with the respectable people. The accepted law also said the Master should not talk to a woman in public. But not only did Jesus talk to this sinning woman, (she had had five husbands and was living with another man unmarried,) Jesus offered the water that always refreshes, the water of life, a knowledge of God. And something else really interesting, Jesus tells the woman that he is actually the promised Messias or Christ ! (John 6:24) Have you realized that Jesus never directly stated this fact again until he stood before Pilate! What was it that made this woman so special to Jesus and you might say to us? "Is not this the Christ?" (John 4:29) She was so spiritually discerning that she readily admitted that this was "the Christ." That is a pretty darn good introduction to our "WOW" Lesson.

Section 1: - Mary, wow what a teenage mom! The conception and birth of Jesus.
I am sure it has occurred to you before that Mary must have been a teenage mom. The normal age of marriage in Judaism of that time was 12 or 13 years old. And also another note, we are told that "Mary was espoused to Joseph." The promise or betrothal at that time was actually more important than the wedding ceremony. It was serious. More than today's concept of "engagement." (See:
Obviously the conception and the birth of Jesus completely overturned the so-called laws of biological birth. As Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health (S-1) "The illumination of Mary's spiritual sense put to silence material law and its order of generation, and brought forth her child by the revelation of Truth, demonstrating God as the Father of men. " The facts surrounding Jesus' birth will always amaze mortal thought that is perhaps not ready to accept "that with God all things are possible." (Matt. 19:26, Mk. 10:27) After all even the author or authors of Isaiah found it incredible to contemplate, "Have you ever heard of a woman who gave birth to a child before having labor pains? Who ever heard of such a thing or imagined it could happen?" (B-2 Isaiah 66:7) CEV But it did! Another big, WOW.

But just to add a little balance, don't want you gals to get all the good press here. Wasn't Joseph a real "stand-up" guy? Even when the testimony looked pretty bad regarding his betrothed bride, he was a "just man, and not willing to make her a public example." (B-3) When God's angel appeared to him and assured him he did not have to be afraid, or we might say "embarrassed" to take Mary as his wife , because "that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins."

If I went on Mary and Joseph's Facebook page today, I would definitely give them both a "like" or thumbs up. They were both perceptive and tuned into spiritual sense. Just goes to show that both moms and dads can be on watch and receptive to the Christ.

Section 2: Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser, WOW
This past week I had a talk with someone about retirement, time to stop work, time to take it easy. Do you really need to do that? I thought of that conversation as I read this section of the lesson. Here in (B-5, Luke 2) we are introduced to Anna. Anna worked or perhaps better "watched" in the Temple. She was 84 years old, did not leave the Temple, fasted and prayed and was continually watching for the "redemption," the saving of Jerusalem. What if she had retired when she was 83? What if Anna had said, "Oh it's time to let some of the younger girls take care of the church work." What would she have missed?

Mary and Joseph according to the Mosaic law from Leviticus 12, brought in six week old Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem, "to present him to the Lord." (B-5)
Anna's response to Jesus
36 There was also a prophet, Anna the daughter of Phanuel, who belonged to the tribe of Asher. She was very old. After she married, she lived with her husband for seven years.37 She was now an eighty-four-year-old widow. She never left the temple area but worshipped God with fasting and prayer night and day. 38 She approached at that very moment and began to praise God and to speak about Jesus to everyone who was looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem. (CEB)

Beside the "WOW," I have to add a "WTGA," Way to go, Anna !!! She watched and she saw her Saviour, her Redeemer, her Messiah, in the six week old baby, Jesus. Now that is real spiritual, feminine intuition. Good thing she stuck around to see that baby.

Section 3: Dinner with Jesus: Cherishing the Christ when others don't.
Here is the well known story of "Simon the Pharisee" inviting Jesus for dinner.
(B-8, Luke 7:36 -50) But what was Simon thinking, what were his motives, was it a sincere invitation? Normal courtesy of the time was not shown. No, Simon did not show Jesus the common courtesies of the day which included a kiss of greeting, washing the sandaled feet of road dust, and anointing the head with perfume because of the dry climate. Simon did not even provide water for Jesus to wash His own feet. Jesus pointed this out in Luke 7:44-46. So it is obvious Simon was not interested in honoring his guest. Instead he neglected his guest.

But Jesus was not neglected. Luke 7: 37" A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee's house, so she came there with an alabaster jar of perfume. 38 As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them." (NIV)

This woman came with the intent to honor the Master. She knew that everyone around would know what kind of woman she was, but she did not let anyone deter her from showing her affection for Jesus. She was not shamed into inaction. And Jesus commended her, Luke 7:47 "Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much:"

The Science and Health citations, (S-9) - (S -12), are taken from the first pages of the Chapter, Christian Science Practice, (S&H, pages 362 - 365.) Mrs. Eddy explains how the affection shown by this woman for Jesus serves as the model for how we must love, to heal. WOW.

Section 4: Another, WOW, willing to risk all to be healed.
In this section we read of a woman willing to risk all to be healed by the Master. Her "issue of blood," had not been stopped in 12 years of normal medical treatment. She was desperate. Even though she was not allowed out in public by Hebrew law, she watched for Jesus, and when he was close she took her chance. In faith, she simply touched the hem of his robe and she was healed. Jesus sensed what had happened and asked, "Who touched my clothes?" The woman could have remained silent, but instead she came to Jesus and humbly told him all the truth. Jesus simply said, "Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague."

In the Science and Health citations of this section there is a clear explanation as to the "how" of this healing and all physical healing. And when I read this healing I always think of a favorite hymn based on a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier entitled, "The Healer" It is Hymn 96 in our hymnal and you can actually listen to it through the online edition of "Concord" produced by the Mother Church. Currently there is a free online trial of the Concord program at:

Mary Baker Eddy , herself, was never hesitant in sharing the healing effect of Christian Science even in the early days of its development in her thought. This is evident in a visit she made to Whittier in 1868. The result of the visit was healing, the account is below.

"In 1868, Eddy was living in Amesbury with her student Sarah Bagley, a family friend of Whittier's. In July of that year they paid a call on the poet, who was suffering from a variety of ailments, as he had throughout most of his life. In previous months, he had written frequently to friends complaining of his precarious health, canceling engagements, and apologizing for not returning their letters sooner. In fact, when Sarah Bagley proposed the visit to Whittier, she did so with the warning that he might not live much longer. The two women arrived to find Whittier in a frail state, coughing constantly and shivering despite a roaring fire in midsummer. Mary Baker Eddy commented that it was likely a much more comfortable atmosphere outside than in, to which Whittier replied, "If Jesus Christ was in Amesbury, he would have to have brass-lined lungs to live here." (Manuscript A11063) Mary Baker Eddy spoke with him for some time, "in the line of Science," and by the end of their conversation he seemed much improved. As she left, Whittier called to her and said, "I thank you, Mary, for your call; it has done me much good." (A11063) She received word the next day that he had left his sickbed to walk down to the village."

In 1875 Mrs. Eddy sent Whittier an inscribed copy of Science and Health. Whittier remarked that he found it to be a work that would require a lifetime's worth of study. That same copy of Science and Health was found among his belongings after his death. (Ibid.) Obviously he did not succumb back in 1868, but lived until 1892 and the ripe old age of 85 !!
(Hymn 96 )
John Greenleaf Whittier*

He stood of old, the holy Christ,
Amid the suffering throng,
With whom his lightest touch sufficed
To make the weakest strong.
That healing gift God gives to them
Who use it in His name;
The power that filled the garment's hem
Is evermore the same.
So shalt thou be with power endued
Like him who went about
The Syrian hillsides doing good
And casting demons out.
The Great Physician liveth yet
Thy friend and guide to be;
The Healer by Gennesaret
Shall walk the rounds with thee.

Section 5: Wow, solid in faith and love.
Pilate's wife cautioned him, "Have thou nothing to do with that just man." One might say, husbands listen to your wives. Pilate questioned Jesus, Are you King of the Jews? "Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone that is of the truth heareth my voice." Pilate saith, "What is truth?"

In Science and Health citation, (S-19) Mrs. Eddy writes, "The women at the cross could have answered Pilate's question. They knew what had inspired their devotion, winged their faith, opened the eyes of their understanding, healed the sick, cast out evil, and caused the disciples to say to their Master: "Even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."

These women stood by faithfully watching, they did not flee. Mary, Jesus' mother. His mother's sister. Mary the wife of Cleophas. Mary Magdalene. And with them, the disciple, "whom he loved" and to whom he gave the charge to care for his mother. These stood by because they had seen the love. They had seen the babe arrive in humble meekness. They had seen the young man question and speak with the doctors and lawyers. They had been healed, redeemed, saved, loved. So they stood by.

They did not yet see the final triumph of the Christ, but they would. They remained faithful disciples, the women on watch. Mrs. Eddy writes, (S-2, 52:19 -23) The "man of sorrows" best understood the nothingness of material life and intelligence and the mighty actuality of all-inclusive God, good. These were the two cardinal points of Mind-healing, or Christian Science, which armed him with Love." Their faithful watching would prepare them for this next demonstration. Story continued.

Section 6: WOW, spiritual love sees the risen Jesus.
Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to care for Jesus body, she left rejoicing in Jesus triumph over the body. He had risen from the grave. And when she told the disciples? They did not believe her. Do you think the disciples were embarrassed when Jesus stood before them? He scolded them, he reproached them, he gave them a hard time because they had not believed her. Did they try to talk their way out of it, did they just drop their heads in shame, or did they take the rebuke to heart? I think they took it to heart. After Jesus ascended (B-14. Mark 16:20) says, "And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following."

Another woman who stood faithfully watching, Mary Baker Eddy, writes (S-22) "He proved Life to be deathless and Love to be the master of hate. He met and mastered on the basis of Christian Science, the power of Mind over matter, all the claims of medicine, surgery, and hygiene." (S-23, 314:10-22), "The Jews who sought to kill this man of God, showed plainly that their material views were the parents of their wicked deeds. When Jesus spoke of reproducing his body, -- knowing, as he did, that Mind was the builder, -- and said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up," they thought that he meant their material temple instead of his body.... This materialism lost sight of the true Jesus; but the faithful Mary saw him, and he presented to her, more than ever before, the true idea of Life and substance."

Section 7: Wow, seeing the risen Saviour and the eternal Christ.
(S-25, S&H page 561) "The Revelator beheld the spiritual idea from the mount of vision. John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, - reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God. In divine revelation, material and corporeal selfhood disappear, and the spiritual idea is understood."

How amazing that we continue to learn from the life of Jesus. So many years ago, and so few years among us and yet the story of Jesus lives. Over the last few days as I have worked on this MET I have heard from living witnesses that the Christ is active and still redeeming, saving, restoring. They are in Argentina, and America, in Europe and Africa, in Norway and England. Little babies and radiant Grannies. Like the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jesus lifted our hearts to see the rebuilding of a life seemingly destroyed by hate. The faithful women who stood by to the end of his mortal life, were witnesses to his resurrected life. And in his ongoing demonstration and dominion we are led to an eternal Christ. We witnessed the divinity of the Christ made manifest in the humanity of Jesus.

As we have seen in this week's lesson, our Master, Christ Jesus, was served well by those women who followed him in their lives. Often they were the most faithful and most discerning. From Mary, to Anna, to Mary Magdalene, to the Samaritan woman, to the woman healed by simply a touch, each discerned the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Christ.

And Wow, the Women on Watch, had a special addition as Mary Baker Eddy put on record the Science of the Christ, that Jesus demonstrated every day.

As Mrs. Eddy writes in citation (S-27, S&H 565), "The impersonation off the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but "of his kingdom there shall be no end," for Christ, God's idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples -- imperatively, absolutely, finally - with divine Science. This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character."

And "Daughter Zion," the Temple built not of wood and stone, but of "spiritual foundation and superstructure," will be restored.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Try "Reset" throughout your day

How's you day been? Started out pretty good, some quiet time for Bible study, prayer, listening to God. And then jump into the day's activities. Some vestige of the morning inspiration remains, but it seems to be fading. The stay on top of everything catch up begins. And suddenly you realize you are running through the day, with little direction, with lots of hurry, and it comes to you, "Time to hit the reset button !!"

Many electric or electronic devices have a reset switch. Its purpose is to allow one to restart a device that has had an electric or electronic failure. And even if there is not an accessible reset switch a trick used by many working with electronics, is to simply turn off all functions, and restart or reboot, and often voila a problem or glitch is solved.

I have found a very useful spiritual device that is similar to this reset switch concept. I simply settle my thought, turn wholeheartedly to God through prayer or quiet listening. I may think of some favorite spiritual truths, sing a hymn, or simply declare, God you are in control and I am listening.

The effect of this reset can be profound. A day that has become a rush of activities suddenly turns into a holy unfoldment.

And sometimes I have been forced into this reset mode. A few months ago I raced to a nearby Lidl market to grab some needed items. I was in a rush. I had little time. I bought the needed items and then returned to the car. When I turned the key the motor stayed silent. A recurring problem surfaced and I was sitting in my car considering my options. A race home with my purchased items had suddenly become irrelevant. The car would not start.

What did I do? Call for some emergency help? Get out of the car and hoof it? No, I simply turned to God in prayer and pulled a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures out of the glove compartment. I quietly began to read. And I thought of some of my ongoing cases at the time. One involved a young man in a coma in France. He and his wife had been in a motorcycle accident. One of the passages I read in Science and Health seemed just perfect to orient my thoughts and prayers.

And suddenly I received a text message, an SMS, on my mobile phone from the mother of this young man. Actually it was a little joke and got me laughing. But I then knew the mom was available and I immediately called her. I reached her just as she was about to head across the street from her hotel to the hospital where her son was. We had a nice talk and rejoiced in the spiritual truths that supported her son and his wife in their recoveries. Much healing was being evidenced.

And then I shared with her how my car had refused to start after my shopping trip, so I had just taken a 15 or 20 minute prayer pause. In this case I had not pushed the reset button, but I chuckled to myself as I realized that God had pushed reset. My thought, my day, had been reset right back to the original spiritual inspiration I needed. And guess what, after my prayer, my conversation with the mom, and our communing together with God, I turned the key and the car immediately started.

So simple lesson, don't let your days run you. Stay close to God and if you feel you are getting pushed around in your day by material thinking and pulls and pressures, just remember to push "Reset" and give it all right back to your Father-Mother God.

Oh, and that young man and his mom? My boys and I had a celebration with them just a few days ago. His family and my family rejoiced as he paddled out for his first surf since the accident. For someone who loves surfing there is nothing quite like getting wet, paddling out, and catching your first wave in a long time. All vestiges of the seeming accident are on their way out for both this young man and his wife.

Even what appears in our experience as an "accident" can turn into one of those "reset" moments in life. Where we turn wholeheartedly to the God that governs the universe and through the presence of the Christ, we find our whole lives "reset" physically and spiritually. We are healed. We are whole. We are loved.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Claras visiones de lo que es real!" Marzo 2011 Espanol

Mira profundo, claras visiones de lo que es real!
Rick Stewart, C.S., Dresden, Germany

Versión imprimible | PDF
| | |
Mira profundo, claras visiones de lo que es real!
[Descubre en lo más profundo, visiones más claras de lo que es real!]

La Aplicación de las Ideas Metafísicas para la Lección Bíblica de Ciencia Cristiana: Tema: "La Realidad" desde el 21 al 27 de Marzo de 2011.

Preparado por Rick Stewart, CS, Dresde, Alemania (0351 312 4736/rickstewartcs @ [aportes de Warren Huff en letra cursiva entre corchetes] con la traducción libre de Claudia de León, asistida por Giuliana Marrocco y autorizada por Warren Huff Director del CedarS.

[Nota del editor: Los siguientes ideas de esta semana, y los posibles temas de estudio que siguen, se ofrecen principalmente para ayudar a los campistas de CedarS y al personal (así como a sus amigos) para que comprueben y demuestren el gran valor
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¿Estás listo para descubrir ésta semana, puntos de vista más profundos y claros de lo que es real? Sobre todo si esas visiones incluyen verdades como, honestidad, justicia, pureza, encanto, virtud, armonía, salud y "buen nombre" de (B-3). Obtenemos éstos puntos de vista de la realidad, cuando vemos a través de los ojos de Cristo - apreciando todas las condiciones humanas y ambientes como vislumbres de la realidad divina. Y eso es exactamente lo que la Lección Bíblica de la Ciencia Cristiana ofrece para ésta semana.

¿Pero, por qué "La Realidad?" En 1898 Mary Baker Eddy, la Descubridora y Fundadora de la Ciencia Cristiana, eligió 26 temas para la semana Lecciones Bíblicas. El Journal de la Ciencia Cristiana de julio 1899 incluye la siguiente afirmación: "Los temas de estos sermones, como es bien conocido, fueron proporcionados por nuestra Líder. Como se ha señalado, se seguirá el orden que se suele emplear en la enseñanza de sus clases." Ella eligió 26 temas que se estudiarán durante la semana y se leen como el sermón del domingo. Cada tema será estudiado dos veces al año. Y cuando se estudia y se practica durante la semana el resultado no es sólo una comprensión más profunda del tema individual, sino también un conocimiento más demostrable de la Ciencia Cristiana. La señora Eddy daba gran importancia a éstas lecciones bíblicas. Ella escribe sobre la Lección de la Biblia "lección de la que depende grandemente la prosperidad de la Ciencia Cristiana" Manual de la Iglesia, página 31.

Mientras indagamos en la lección de esta semana podríamos preguntarnos: "¿Qué quería Mary Baker Eddy que yo supiera acerca de la realidad?" Y, "¿Por qué ella pensaba que es importante para la prosperidad de la Ciencia Cristiana?" Y, "¿Podría ser que mi prosperidad individual apoyará la prosperidad de la Ciencia Cristiana, de hecho, la prosperidad de la Ciencia Cristiana realmente podría depender de mi prosperidad?"

La realidad, hmmm? Encontré esta definición de "realidad" en Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre de Internet. "La realidad es el estado de las cosas como actualmente existen, en lugar de cómo pueden parecer o ser pensadas que sean. En su definición más amplia, la realidad incluye todo lo que es y ha sido, aunque sea o no observable o comprensible."

Entonces, ¿dónde vas a buscar "el estado de las cosas como actualmente existen?" "En programas de Reality TV"?, En los informes de noticias? En el último best-seller? En lo que el vecino dice? Bueno, creo que han hecho una elección muy acertada en buscar en la lección Bíblica de la Ciencia Cristiana.

Texto Áureo (TA): Me gusta cuando el Texto Áureo de Eclesiastés nos dice para comenzar: "Mira la obra de Dios:" K.J.V, o ¿Qué hay de estas versiones: New Living Translation "," Mira la manera en que Dios hace las cosas ", y Nueva Versión Internacional, " Considera lo que Dios ha hecho"
[Me encanta la definición de trabajo como "El Amor hecho visible", o revelado.]
Así que "La Vista" que sintonizamos, no es un programa de entrevistas de televisión por la mañana (ABC) -, sino una demostración cotidiana de lo que el Amor divino ha hecho y está haciendo. Vamos a descubrir lo que realmente está pasando, de modo que presta atención y descubre que la realidad es de 100 por ciento espiritual.

Lectura Alternada (LA): Estas ideas introductorias nos conducen al corazón de la lección.

Sección 1: La realidad es totalmente espiritual. Más allá de los límites materiales.
Los versículos de la Biblia (B-1) - (B-3) dejan bien claro que Dios y las obras de Dios son la realidad que estamos buscando. Es una visión más que impresionante, es una impresionante restauración, la restauración de la salud y la armonía,. Como escribe el apóstol Pablo: "Porque en El vivimos, nos movemos y somos." Comenzamos a ver la necesidad de buscar a Dios para encontrar lo que realmente está pasando.

La radicalidad de la visión de Mary Baker Eddy de la realidad a menudo es inconcebible para la mente humana. Pero cuando nos acercamos con una disposición abierta a buscar este punto de vista, y aprendemos de su ciencia, el efecto en la experiencia humana es revolucionario, y con frecuencia los resultados son la curación. Estas curaciones llevan ("las excusas para la ignorancia" (Título Marginal para S-4) ) a ceder a una convicción cada vez mayor de la realidad espiritual como todo.

He aquí un pequeño ejemplo de mi familia. Cuando hacía tan sólo algunos años que mi mamá y mi papá se habían casado, mi papá tuvo una curación que comenzó a abrir sus ojos a una vida más allá de lo que la materia nos dice que es real. Él estaba trabajando cobrando sus cuentas de seguro, cuando se cayó a través de las tablas de madera en el porche de un cliente. Él estaba trabajando con otro agente de seguros ese día, y con la ayuda de éste hombre él pudo volver en el coche y conducir de regreso a casa. Llegó a casa justo antes del almuerzo y aparentemente se había quebrado la pierna. Mi mamá le preguntó si quería que llamara a un practicista de la Ciencia Cristiana . Estuvo de acuerdo. Después del almuerzo tomó una pequeña siesta, y cuando despertó, salió y anunció que iba a volver a trabajar. El compañero que había estado trabajando con él no podía creer lo que veía. "Bueno, supongo que no se quebró la pierna después de todo." Esto es en lo que ambos estuvieron de acuerdo. Y cuando papá llegó a casa, anunció éste punto de vista, "Ustedes saben que mi pierna no debió quebrarse, probablemente fue sólo un esguince". Mi madre no hizo ningún comentario.

Poco tiempo después de esta experiencia mi padre se ofreció para servir en la Segunda Guerra Mundial . Tuvo que pasar por un examen físico extenso. Se le dio un informe de perfecta salud, pero uno de los médicos le mostró una radiografía y le dijo: "Bueno, veo que tuvo una gran quebradura en la pierna, pero se curó perfectamente y quedó, probablemente, más fuerte que la otra!" Mi padre tuvo mucho que pensar. Me dijo que a medida que transportaban las tropas a través del Océano Pacífico rumbo a las Filipinas comenzó a leer una copia de Ciencia y Salud que mamá le había dado. El ser sanado de una pierna rota en un par de horas puede hacer que quieras aprender un poco más acerca de la realidad espiritual! Mis hermanos, mi hermana y yo siempre consideramos a nuestro padre como un hombre notable, pero no estoy seguro de que nos hayamos percatado de lo abierto y receptivo que él fue a la extraordinaria realidad que la Ciencia Cristiana había traído a su experiencia.

[Las citas de Ciencia y Salud proporcionan un contexto divino para esta y todas las curaciones:]
"Toda realidad está en Dios y Su creación, armoniosa y eterna. Lo que El crea es bueno, y El hace todo lo que es hecho." (S-1) Ciencia y Salud, página 472
"No es sensato dudar que la realidad está en perfecta armonía con Dios, el Principio divino- que la ciencia, cuando sea comprendida y demostrada, va a destruir toda discordia, - ya que admitís que Dios es omnipotente, pues de esa premisa se deduce que el bien y sus dulces armonías tienen todo el poder. " (S-4) Ciencia y Salud, página 130

Sección 2: Eliseo y el guiso venenoso transformado en inofensivo: un milagro o la realidad puesta en evidencia?
En la cita (B-4) de Reyes2 se nos dice de Eliseo y algunos de sus aprendices de profetas preparan una olla de estofado. Uno de los jóvenes por error agrega algunas calabazas silvestres a la olla que parecen ser tóxicos. Un error desastroso y mortal? "¡Oh tú, hombre de Dios, hay muerte en la olla." Eliseo le pide algo de "comida" que debe agregarle para que se torne inofensivo. En "Mi Lección Bíblica", publicado por la Iglesia Madre se da una idea de cómo pensar metafísicamente sobre la "comida",
Romanos 8 nos dice que "todas las cosas ayudan a bien." en la cita (B-5) incluso un error puede convertirse en una bendición para "aquellos que aman a Dios," ese amor realidad saliendo a la luz. Las citas de Ciencia y Salud en esta sección nos equipan para manejar "la contaminación" (CyS-5), "error" (CyS-6), "falta de armonía" (CyS-9)

Cuán agradecido ese joven profeta en formación debe haber estado cuando su error mortal fue corregido de inmediato por el conocimiento superior de Eliseo de la realidad?
Yo estuve agradecido, más allá de las palabras, cuando fui testigo de una curación similar. Estaba usando algunas habilidades recientemente adquiridas de recolección de hongos para agregar a una comida familiar. Pensé que sabía lo que estaba haciendo, pero evidentemente cometí un error. Preparé para mi madre, mi hermano, su esposa, y para mí una comida con hongos silvestres. Alrededor de una hora después de nuestra comida, recibí una llamada de telefónica, mi cuñada estaba en agonía extrema y mi hermano la llevaba al hospital. Al parecer, los hongos eran venenosos. Yo no me sentía bien tampoco, y la noticia pareció acentuar el problema. Cuando le dije a mi mamá de la llamada, inmediatamente se puso orar. Durante el viaje de 16 millas a la ciudad mi cuñada cambió de idea y le pidió a mi hermano que no la llevara al hospital sino, a la casa de "mamá". También durante esos momentos recibí una llamada telefónica de alguien que estaba considerando el suicidio. Ella quería ayuda. Ella era la madre de dos niños a los que llevo todas las semanas a la Escuela Dominical. Hablé con ella sobre la verdad del amor de Dios por ella y su relación con Dios. Después de un tiempo ella me aseguró que todo estaba bien, y sabía que todo estaba bien, y ella ya no tenía la tentación de quitarse la vida. Colgué el teléfono y me dí cuenta de que yo estaba curado, sin molestia alguna. Pensando en la realidad de la Vida de aquella mujer, me había levantado de la creencia de la enfermedad.

Cuando llegó mi hermano, mi cuñada, estaba en una gran angustia. La llevamos a la habitación de mi madre y la puso lo más cómoda posible. Todos estábamos reconociendo la presencia sanadora de Dios. Y en medio de lo que parecían ser síntomas terribles, escuché a mi cuñada que le decía a mi madre "Mamá, esta es mi primera curación de la Ciencia Cristiana." Y en un corto tiempo después de esa declaración se fue tranquilamente a dormir. Ella durmió cómodamente hasta la mañana, se levantó, se vistió y se fue a trabajar.
Lo interesante de la realidad de esta situación es que la curación se hizo evidente de muchas maneras. Mi mamá y mi hermano básicamente sin problemas, por el error de "muerte en la olla." Yo fui liberado al tratar de ayudar a alguien en necesidad. Y mi cuñada vio la realidad de la curación, incluso antes de que fuera evidenciada físicamente como un hecho.

[¡Qué bendición saber que las mismas verdades de ésta sección que curaron a la familia Stewart se aplican para neutralizar y tornar inofensivos los "contaminantes" radiactivos (CyS-5) tan temidos como resultado de las recientes explosiones y colapsos en algunos de los reactores nucleares de Japón . ¡Qué buen momento para recordar y compartir la obra de Dios, o pruebas convincentes, con usted y su familia. "Si la Ciencia Cristiana reitera la enseñanza de San Pablo, nosotros, como Científicos Cristianos, debemos dar al mundo una prueba convincente de la validez de esta Declaración Científica del Ser. Después de haber percibido, antes de otros, este hecho científico, nos debemos a nosotros mismos y al mundo una lucha por su demostración. "(Retrospección e Introspección, p. 93:22) El Dr. William Frederick Underwood y su hija, Nancy Kiefer eran científicos cristianos que lucharon por la demostración de la declaración científica del ser y dieron pruebas convincentes de la misma al Dr. Albert Einstein. "Quince ingenieros, químicos y físicos en el equipo del Dr. Underwood en el Proyecto Manhattan fueron expuestos accidentalmente a la radiación nuclear y todos murieron dentro de uno a tres años después de la exposición A pesar de que Underwood también fue expuesto a la radiación contaminante. - Mucho más que los otros - fue sanado mediante la oración, a pesar de que todos sus órganos habían empezado a sangrar y se deterioraban, y tenía una condición neurodegenerativa. Incluso las cicatrices de esta experiencia también desaparecieron .... Su hija, Nancy Kiefer, fue curada también, por la oración, de la energía nuclear y la exposición a la radiación ... Einstein había presenciado. - y reconoció -. Varias curaciones logradas sólo con la oración, incluyendo una fractura en el brazo y la pierna de la hija de Underwood, Nancy. Dos horas y media después del accidente, llegó caminando a la mesa de la cena. .. a continuación, comió con la mano "rota" ! Einstein lo reconoció ... Una fractura de cadera sufrida por el Dr. Underwood, y curado por la oración solo, en tres días. " No es de extrañarse que Einstein estudiara la Ciencia Cristiana y comentó que la declaración científica del ser era "La declaración más profunda jamás hecha por el hombre." Todas las citas anteriores de la página 220 de La Física, la Metafísica y Dios, por Jack W. Geiss, 2006,]]

Sección 3: Ezequías, enfermo, triste, y protegido.
(B-6) Salmo 103 ¿Quién es el sanador? Dios, tú eres el sanador. Dios perdona todos los pecados y cura todas las enfermedades. Este Salmo de David parece haber sido uno de los últimos escrito en su vida. Un comentarista lo llamó el "Monte Everest" de los salmos de alabanza.

(B-7) Isaías 38 Wow!!!, Sentí una especie de escalofrío cuando leí las instrucciones de Isaías a Ezequías, "Ordena tu casa" Que receta para una curación, limpieza de la casa!!! Todavía estoy trabajando en eso, y orando por su cumplimiento. Algo especial para recordar, Ezequías hizo bien con Dios, y Ezequías fue sanado y salvado de la muerte. Y luego escribió un hermoso poema que reconoce lo deprimido que estaba y cómo Dios lo había librado de la muerte. (B-7) "Señor, por todas estas cosas los hombres viven, y en todas estas cosas está la vida de mi espíritu, pues tu me restablecerás y harás que viva"

He pensado mucho en los últimos días acerca de este mandato, " Ordena tu casa." El desorden y el caos a menudo parecen ser la causa de la enfermedad, pero una casa desordenada? Bueno, ha habido veces que me di cuenta que necesitaba establecer un mejor sentido del orden (a veces parece una aflicción terminal), pero entonces recuerdo que "con Dios todo es posible." Pero no es nuestra casa nuestro pensamiento, nuestra conciencia? ¿Cuál es lo principal a" ordenar" que necesitamos? ¿No es recordar poner a Dios primero? O como dice en Proverbios, " reconócelo en todos tus caminos." Recordando a Dios en todo lo que hacemos, poniendo pensamientos de Amor, Verdad, Principio, y luego no tener que preocuparse por el miedo, la duda o la percepción personal.

Las citas (CyS-11) a (CyS-15) son una receta real para la armonía y el orden. La voluntad de "abandonar" la discordia. Eso suena como un esfuerzo consciente para mí. Para "levantar los pensamiento por encima de error," y darme cuenta de que "todo es posible para Dios."

He "redescubierto" algunas de mis cosas más queridas a medida que ordené un poco las cosas. A veces también lamento amargamente las que se han perdido o destruido! Esto a menudo me ha conducido a un aprendizaje de lo que son los verdaderos tesoros. Así que la conclusión es mantener al menos cierto orden en la vida cotidiana. Pero siempre, siempre recuerda que Dios es misericordioso, ministrando su amor puede elevarnos por encima de todas las nubes del error, a la realidad. No te condenes, conócete a ti mismo como reflejo de Dios. (CyS-11) "Se firme en su entendimiento de que la Mente divina gobierna, y que en el hombre en la ciencia refleja el gobierno de Dios."

Recientemente, Johann me preguntó acerca de unos patines. "Papá, ¿los has encontrado ya?" Eran de su hermano mayor y ahora serían adecuados a su talla. Tenía la esperanza de encontrarlos en nuestra bodega, pero si tú miraras nuestra bodega desde el punto de vista de la realidad cotidiana, realmente no habría esperanza. Cajas sobre cajas (todavía esperando para clasificar y ordenar.) Pero me fui al sótano con la convicción de que este era el día de la salvación. Después de 15 o 20 minutos de oración buscando, mi fe era vacilante. Pero luego me detuve y me volví "de todo corazón" a Dios. Me dí cuenta de Su mente como la única Mente. Dejé toda condenación. Dejé de perder el tiempo en condenarme a mí mismo por permitir que las cosas se pongan en un estado lamentable. Y escuché. Oí un pequeño mensaje. Los patines no estaban empacados en una caja. Tuve consciencia haberlos puesto en una bolsa que contenía los patines y todos los equipos de protección. Pero, ¿dónde, oh dónde? Escuché de nuevo. Y me di cuenta de que sabía dónde estaban. Luché hasta llegar al último rincón de la bodega, pasé las cajas, y en un momento de gran expectativa agarré una bolsa de plástico. Yo sabía lo que había dentro, y me alegré de la tierna misericordia de Dios y la dirección. Eran los patines. Entonces conocí incluso la enfermedad terminal de no se poder mantener una idea correcta en el lugar que le corresponde.

Sección 4: La realidad en acción, Jesús VE a través de la nube de mentira del Tentador.
Las citas (B-8 y B-9) dejan en claro quién está a cargo y tiene el control. Dios se identifica como gobernante con poder y fuerza. Dios es grande, poderoso y glorioso. Cuando un "así llamado poder" aparte del Dios (el Bien),viene a tentarnos, sólo puede venir en forma de mentiras.
En la cita (B-10) Jesús acaba de ser bautizado en el Jordán. (Mateo 3) Él esta lleno del Espíritu Santo y ha tenido la seguridad de que El era el Hijo amado de Dios. Ahora está dirigido "por el Espíritu" en el desierto, o en la selva. El ayuna (no come o come poco) por mucho tiempo, cuarenta días y cuarenta noches. Obviamente Él tiene hambre, Como leemos en Mateo.04:02.Así Él se siente tentado a usar su entendimiento de la Palabra de Dios para satisfacer esa hambre. Pero su respuesta a cada una de las tres tentaciones viene de las Escrituras. Cuando hemos vislumbrado algo de Todo el poder de Dios, y vemos algo de nuestra capacidad para reflejar ese poder, qué tentación es permitirnos usarlo para satisfacer las necesidades humanas! Y ¿No es de gran ayuda para nosotros en nuestro caminar hacia la realidad saber que nuestro Salvador, nuestro Mostrador del camino también fue tentado? Uno de los disfraces sutiles del mentiroso o tentador es cuando tenemos la tentación de sentirnos tan mal con nosotros mismos que empezamos a pensarnos NO como hijos bienamados de Dios. Pero, "¿Cómo pude pensar una cosa así?" Aquí es donde la claridad y la profundidad de las citas Ciencia y Salud (CyS-16) - (CyS-21) se convierten en una clara defensa.

En el verano de 1974 yo estaba trabajando en un proyecto especial de La Iglesia Madre relativo a los bajos ingresos. Yo estudiaba todos los días la Biblia y la lección, tuve muchas, muchas maravillosas curaciones, pero también tenia problemas con la calidad de mis pensamientos en ese momento. Geoffrey Barrat de Australia fue un editor de periódicos. Yo parecía estar realmente conectado con sus notas, por lo que le pedí una cita para hablar con él. Como un completo desconocido, yo me senté frente a él y en pocos minutos sentí como si lo hubiera conocido toda mi vida. Y le hablé de mis preocupaciones. Él simplemente dijo: "Rick, todos nosotros tenemos que lidiar con esa clase de tentación." Guau!!! un gran peso fue quietado de mis hombros! ¿Quieres decir que yo no soy el único científico cristiano que era tentado a tener malos pensamientos? ¡Menos mal!..... Aquí estaba un editor, un maestro de la Ciencia Cristiana, un sanador, y lidiando también con la tentación? Bueno, por supuesto, ahora yo puedo entenderlo. Pero en ese momento, fue una carga increíble quitada de mi pecho. Me dí cuenta de que yo no era una especie de endiablado gusano. Como resultado éste hecho me ayudó a vislumbrar un poco de la realidad, de que yo realmente, era el hijo amado de Dios. Y con la iluminación de esa conversación, yo estuve mas listo y firme para resistir a las mentiras que trataron de convencerme de lo contrario. Y reflexionando a cerca de esa entrevista significativa me doy cuenta de que quizá le deba al Sr. Barrat algo de dinero. Nunca me cobro, ni me pidió dinero, pero sin duda me ha ayudado a transitar desde la tentación mentirosa al vislumbre de la realidad. Me pregunto si el que yo comenzara con la práctica de curación tres años más tarde podría servir como una forma de pago?

Sección 5: Reten lo Bueno, desecha lo malo.
Elije con sabiduría. Elije sabiamente lo que buscas. Elije sabiamente lo que retienes. Elije sabiamente lo que decides desechar. Elije sabiamente en lo que piensas. Y elige sabiamente lo que quieres mantener en el pensamiento y lo que quieres desechar. Recuerda, una mirada en mi sótano y verás que no es posible tenerlo todo. La sabia clasificación de objetos útiles y hermosos de aquellos que no lo son, te permite retener más del bien, y nunca confundirlo con el mal. Y ese es mi objetivo es en éste momento, como Jesús lo ilustra, (B-17), al igual que un pescador clasificando su pesca, recogiendo lo bueno en cestas y desechando lo malo.
Esta última sección es como la gloriosa celebración de la realidad de Dios. En las citas (B-12) - (B-18) tu vas a vislumbrar todo el Bien que Dios ha hecho. Y con la ayuda de citas (CyS-22) - (CyS-29) en tu libro de texto, Ciencia y Salud, la clasificación entre lo que vale la pena retener y lo que debes desechar será más fácil. Y a medida que "vemos el trabajo de Dios" (GT, Eccl. 7:13) recuerda que tu eres parte de esa maravillosa realidad de la creación espiritual de Dios.

Cita (CyS-25) nos instruye: "Aprendamos de lo real y eterno, y preparémonos para el reino del Espíritu, el reino de los cielos, el reino y gobierno de la armonía universal, que no puede permanecer oculto para siempre." (CyS 208:20) [ Las palabras "... no puede permanecer oculto para siempre" me lo recuerda ] la historia del " Fuego purificador "."Había un grupo de mujeres en un estudio de la Biblia, que mientras estudiaban el capítulo tres de Malaquías, se encontraron con el versículo tres, que dice:".. Él se sentará como un refinador y purificador de plata " Este versículo desconcertó a las mujeres y se preguntaron qué significaba esta declaración sobre el carácter y la naturaleza de Dios. Una de las mujeres se ofreció para investigar el proceso de refinado la plata y volver al grupo en su próximo estudio bíblico. Esa semana, esta mujer llamó a un platero e hizo una cita para verlo en el trabajo. No mencionó nada acerca de la razón de su interés más allá de su curiosidad sobre el proceso de refinar la plata. Mientras ella observaba el trabajo del platero, el sostenía una pieza de sobre el fuego y la calentaba Explicó que en el proceso de refinar la plata, era necesario mantener la plata en medio del fuego donde las llamas eran más calientes, con el fin de quemar todas las impurezas. La mujer pensó en Dios sosteniéndonos en ese lugar caliente. De repente pensó de nuevo en el versículo que dice: ". Se sienta como un refinador y purificador de plata" Ella le pregunto al platero si era cierto que tenía que sentarse en frente del fuego todo el tiempo en que la plata se estuviera perfeccionando. El hombre respondió que sí, que no sólo tenía que sentarse allí sosteniendo la plata, sino que también tenía que mantener sus ojos atentos a la plata, todo el tiempo que estaba en el fuego. Si la plata fuera dejada demasiado tiempo en las llamas se destruiría. La mujer quedó en silencio durante un rato, y le preguntó al platero, ¿Cómo sabe cuando la plata esta completamente refinada Él le sonrió y contestó: "Oh, eso es muy fácil : cuando veo mi imagen en ella."

Uno de mis observadores favoritos de la realidad, el Dr. Laurance Doyle dijo una vez en una entrevista: "Uno necesita registrarse con la realidad." Y yo he encontrado que registrarse con la realidad en todas las manifestaciones [o" trabajo de Dios" T.A.] de la creación de Dios, en un discernimiento espiritual, "descubre la unidad y la realidad del bien, la irrealidad y la nada, del mal. " (CyS-23), 269:5 frecuentemente vislumbrando tu lugar eterno en esta "realidad del bien" es "La Visión REAL"

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Las "Mets" semanales de CEDARS o Boletines de Metafísica se proporcionan sin costo alguno para los 1.200 campistas y personal bendecido cada verano en el Cedars -, así como a miles de ex_ alumnos de CEDARS, familias, maestros de Escuela Dominical y amigos que lo soliciten, o que lo obtengan semanalmente en nuestro sitio web o a través del CS Directorio. Sin embargo, las donaciones actuales y futuras son necesarias. Simplemente haga clic aquí para utilizar una tarjeta de crédito o débito para realizar su donación (Visa, Mastercard, American Express o Discover) o un cheque virtual para hacer donaciones mensuales y únicas de fondos a Cedar'S " para apoyar el crecimiento espiritual. Donantes internacionales pueden contribuir con Cedar'S a través de PayPal utilizando la función de tipos de cambio completando con el monto debajo de Donantes Internacionales y hacer click en el botón "Donar en línea".

[Tu puedes también ayudar a estudiantes de Ciencia Cristiana de todo el mundo que asisten a las Escuelas Dominicales a acceder al campamento de Cedar'S. En los Estados Unidos más de 1 de cada 6 alumnos de Escuelas Dominicales asisten a campamentos para Científicos Cristianos. La experiencia demuestra que los niños que fueron instruidos en sus hogares y en la Escuela Dominical y asistieron a campamentos de Ciencia Cristiana donde gozosamente practicaron la experiencia cristiana, quieren seguir viviendo la Ciencia Cristiana por su propia cuenta. Por lo tanto, informa a todos quienes "nunca-acamparon" y sus familias acerca de nuestro trabajo, y si es posible, háganos saber acerca de ellos y sus contactos. Estaremos encantados de enviarles un DVD, además de mostrar la información con más de 40 muestras de Cedar'S programadas y todo lo necesario para ayudar a que quienes "nunca acamparon" poder hacerlo - a partir de información sobre nuestros programas para todas las edades; las fechas de reunión y las matriculas, información de inscripción en línea, transporte, formas de ayuda financiera, y más]
Nota del Director del Campamento: Lo que arriba hemos compartido es la última de una larga serie de Ideas metafísicas Aplicables para la Lección Bíblica, aportada por diferentes Practicistas residentes del Campamento CedarS y ocasionalmente por otros metafísicos. Este documento es un intento de iniciar un estudio más profundo y de alentar a la aplicación de las ideas encontradas en la Lección, de la forma en que están impresas en el "Christian Science Quarterly" y disponibles en las Salas de Lectura de la Christian Science. Las mismas - hechas en un primer momento para que todos los participantes del Campamento CedarS sintieran la misma concentración e inspiración que tenían en el Campamento - en ningún momento pretenden ser algo cerrado, definitivo o concluyente, ni una forma de sustituto del estudio diario de la Lección. Estos pensamientos son una inspiración del momento y se ofrecen para brindar un poquito más de profundidad, de base sólida y de aplicabilidad a algunas de las ideas y pasajes ya estudiados.
Las referencias a las citas (B_ y CS_) de esta semana en las "Ideas Aplicables" son tomadas de la versión de la Biblia de King James y del libro de texto de la Christian Science: "Ciencia y Salud con clave de las escrituras". La Biblia y el Ciencia y Salud son el pastor de las Iglesias de Cristo Científico. La Lección Bíblica es el sermón leído en el Servicio de la Iglesia de la Christian Science, que se realiza en todo el mundo. La Lección habla individualmente a cada uno mediante el Cristo, proveyendo de entendimiento individual y las aplicaciones hechas a medida para cada persona. Nos alegra que leas esto que te compartimos y esperamos que encuentres útiles algunas de estas ideas en tu viaje espiritual diario, en tu profunda búsqueda en los libros y en tu inmediato contacto con tu Consolador y Pastor) La espiritualidad es tu estado innato, la que te conecta en todo momento con Dios (CSSS 258:30) El Cristo es el regalo de luz que Jesús nos hizo. Esta luz del Cristo, la luz de la comprensión espiritual, llega a nosotros y nos trae infinitas bendiciones. Entonces ¡diviértete desenvolviendo y amando la individualidad de tus regalos espirituales! Y luego, cualquiera sea el lugar donde te encuentres, ¡compártelos con todos como grandes bendiciones que inspiran infinitamente!
Warren Huff, Director del Campamento (636) 394-6162
CedarS Camps Office. | 1314 Parkview Valley Drive | Manchester | MO | 63011

Met Posted : 3/21/2011